What Are the Benefits of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet?


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A low-carbohydrate diet can improve overall health by facilitating weight loss, lowering blood pressure and insulin levels in the blood, and boosting HDL or good cholesterol levels, according to About.com. The degree to which these benefits appear varies with people's relative sensitivity to carbohydrates.

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When people go in for their annual physical examination, the doctor routinely orders blood testing of such items as cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as blood pressure, as these numbers are important measures of individual health. Studies have shown that going on a low-carb diet helps all of those areas improve. Some other benefits include reductions in blood sugar levels for both diabetics and prediabetics. When exercise is combined with a low-carb diet, people lose less muscle mass than they would if they were on a high-carb, weight-loss diet, notes About.com.

While the benefits listed above have been established definitely through research studies, people also report other benefits that remain under study. These include elevations in energy level as well as improvements in dental health and emotions. People also report a decrease in or even the elimination of cravings for sweets and an increase in their ability to concentrate. While results vary among individuals, it is clear that a low-carb diet has helped many, reports About.com.

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