What Are the Benefits of Living in a Senior Studio Apartment?


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Studio apartments can be a good choice for senior housing because they are less expensive than other types of apartments. A senior who lives alone may prefer a studio apartment because it is easier to care for than a larger living space.

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Senior citizens often live on fixed incomes and cannot afford houses or large, expensive apartments. A studio apartment is a good housing choice for people in this situation. Studios are almost always less expensive than one-bedroom apartments. Seniors with more affordable rent options can put more money aside to pay for vital needs such as food and medications.

Convenience is another benefit of studio apartments for seniors. Studio apartments typically contain the dining, sleeping and living areas in one space. Older people with health, mobility or memory problems may find it easier to navigate this kind of living arrangement. However, a senior who relies on a wheelchair or other mobility aid should make sure that his apartment is accessible. A tiny studio with little room to move around, or a studio that is difficult to access, would not be suitable for those with mobility problems.

Seniors considering a studio apartment should note that there are drawbacks to this type of living space. Studios are less likely to have storage room than other apartments; therefore, they are not appropriate for people with many belongings to store. Seniors who enjoy entertaining may find that a studio does not have adequate space for parties or visiting family members. Senior couples should make sure that their studio is large enough for two people to live comfortably. Take these factors into consideration when choosing your apartment.

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