What Are Benefits of Living in a Senior Apartment After Age 55?


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The primary benefit of living in senior apartments or similar housing situations after 55 is that the residences are tailored to older inhabitants. Typically, such residences are designed to enhance accessibility and ease of movement. They are further modified for safety so that aging residents are less susceptible to accident and injury as time progresses.

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Senior apartments give the opportunity for mature individuals to size down quickly and efficiently from their former homes, giving them less interior space to care for and seldom any exterior property to maintain. Bathrooms are made particularly safe, and floor plans opened up in case individuals need more room to get around if infirm or physically challenged. Because senior apartments are commonly bought and not rented, seniors enjoy the security of knowing the residence is theirs for as long as they desire.

Over 55 apartments are often found in larger clusters of senior housing, giving residents the sense of belonging to a community of peers. Such apartments are thus usually found in close proximity to recreational sites built expressly for seniors, such as game rooms, spas, golf courses, fitness centers and dining facilities. This way, seniors can pair their low-maintenance apartment experience with a still active lifestyle, where a premium is placed on continued fitness and sociability.

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