What Are the Benefits of Lipodissolve Treatment?


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There is limited evidence for the efficacy and safety of lipodissolve treatment, though one study suggests that it could be helpful in reducing small, isolated fat deposits, according to WebMD. The FDA has issued warnings regarding side effects of lipodissolve and has lambasted several companies for exaggerating its benefits.

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Lipodissolve treatment entails giving the patient injections of a drug that is supposed to permanently melt away fat deposits, explains Drugs.com The procedure is alternately called injection lipolysis, lipozap, lipotherapy or mesotherapy. Side effects of using lipodissolve can include permanent scarring, deformation, and painful knots underneath skin at the injection site. It is possible to reduce the size of fat pockets with lipodissolve, but this fat is transferred elsewhere in the body, rather than removed, notes WebMD. Conventional liposuction, which involves the insertion of tubes into skin, through which fat is suctioned out, is known to be effective in removing fat.

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