What Are the Benefits of Lemon Water?


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The benefits of lemon water include supporting the immune system, boosting the body's antioxidant levels, quenching desire for drinks sweetened with sugar, and hydrating the body, according to Health.com. Individuals can begin with juice squeezed from one-quarter to one-half of a lemon, and add warm water to fill the glass.

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What Are the Benefits of Lemon Water?
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Taking lemon with warm water early in the morning helps the body to absorb the liquid more effectively, and the aroma is stimulating, notes Health.com. Individuals can use cool water during the rest of the day. Lemons contain high amounts of bioflavonoids, which eliminate free radicals that trigger inflammation and injure blood vessels. Rinsing the mouth with plain water after drinking lemon water reduces lemon acid residue that can erode tooth enamel.

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