What Are Some Benefits of a Knee Machine?


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After total knee arthroplasty, anterior cruciate ligament repair and knee replacement, Continuous Passive Motion machines benefit patient’s recovery during the first three weeks by promoting cartilage growth and enhancing cartilage healing, states Aetna.com. CPN machines move joints through a simulated range of motion during the non-weight bearing stage of knee surgery recovery.

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Studies show that CPN machines help to reduce edema swelling and stiffness after knee surgery, notes Rehab.Research.Va.Gov. The passive motion increases blood flow to and away from injured tissue and accelerates recovery times.

During the first seven days of recovery, CPM machines move the knee joint between four to six hours each day while patients are in bed.Treatment using the machines helps to prevent scar tissue and the shortening of muscles around the joint. CPM therapy’s effectiveness is most beneficial to patients who suffer from cartilage damage, a bacterial infection inside a joint, or a fracture around a joint after surgery involving the implanting of internal devices, according to OrthoInfo.org.

Aggressive sports therapy uses CPM machines continually, starting immediately after surgery and before a patient wakes up. After discharge, home CPM machines put the knee through a full range of 5-degree motion for 23 hours a day during phase I of the treatment, according to OrthoJournalHms.org.

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