What Are the Benefits of Jewel Weed?


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Jewelweed's benefits are fairly limited, but the plant is used to treat the rash and itching of poison ivy and athlete's foot, notes Mother Earth News. Rubbing the ground-up plant onto the skin where the itching or rash occurs can quickly stop the reaction. It is mostly used by survival experts.

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What Are the Benefits of Jewel Weed?
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Jewelweed, unlike many other medicinal herbs, has very few uses; however, it is much easier to use than ointments or creams when a person is out in the wild. All you have to do is rub the plant itself against the area and it should start working fairly quickly.

Jewelweed is fairly easy to spot in the wild because of its blooms of bell shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors and are covered in speckles. Jewelweed is also known to grow nearby poison ivy making it even more effective as a fast remedy.

Along with its ability to treat poison ivy rashes, jewelweed is also said to help with insect bites and mosquito bites when applied directly onto the bite, reports Mother Earth Living. This herb is also used in many products that are used to treat eczema and other skin ailments.

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