What Benefits Does Ipratropium Bromide Nasal Spray Provide?


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Ipratropium bromide nasal spray, also known by its brand name Atrovent, provides relief from a runny nose caused by the common cold and seasonal allergies, according to the Mayo Clinic. This nasal spray does not relieve other cold symptoms, such as congestion, sneezing or post-nasal drip. Ipratropium bromide nasal spray is available in the United States by prescription only, as of September 2014.

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Patients use this medication after priming the spray by pumping the medication into the air away from the eyes and then gently blowing the nose. WebMD explains doctors normally instruct patients to spray Atrovent into the nose three to four times per day in each nostril. Dosages are based on medical condition, age and response to the treatment regimen.

RxList states serious side effects of taking ipratropium bromide, including allergic reactions such as hives, difficulty breathing and swelling of the face or in the mouth. The drug manufacturer advises patients to stop taking the medicine and seek emergency help if an allergic reaction occurs. Less serious side effects include, but are not limited to, headache, nosebleeds, blurred vision and dry mouth.

The National Library of Medicine reveals one bottle contains 345 sprays, and each spray has 21 micrograms of the active ingredient ipratropium bromide at a 0.03 percent concentration. The chemical is a white crystalline substance that dissolves in water and alcohol. Atrovent is a derivative of the drug atropine.

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