What Are Some Benefits of Integrative Medicine?


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Integrative medicine benefits a patient by offering conventional medical treatments alongside complementary therapies such as mindfulness techniques and yoga, according to US News. Additionally, it focuses on the promotion of health and wellness in a patient rather than disease.

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An integrative medical program benefits a patient by caring for his body as a whole entity, including spirit, body, mind and community, and recognizes the body as more than simply bones, flesh and organs, explains U.S. News. Integrative medicine utilizes both new and old ideas, as well as the healing systems of different cultures, to treat and heal a patient. Additionally, it offers a patient alternative treatment options outside of the realm of conventional medicine. In addition to offering a complementary therapy such as acupuncture, an integrative medicine program incorporates several elements of health care, such as proper rest, exercise, stress reduction, nutrition and awareness and engagement, reports Everyday Health.

An integrative medical program offers a patient customized care and provides him with the necessary knowledge and skills to learn how to improve his health, explains Everyday Health. An integrative medical program might provide a patient with access to a nutritionist to help him learn how to eat better, or to another resource that teaches how to take medications on time. An integrative medical program might also provide access to a healing tool such as a meditation class.

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