What Are Some Benefits to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?


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Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy include increasing oxygen content in body tissue, stimulating the growth of blood cells in body parts with decreased circulation, and increasing blood supply to body parts with arterial blockage, according to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center. It also enhances how white blood cells work, therefore assisting in the treatment of infection. Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen therapy also increases blood supply to compromised organs.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is necessary when tissues require increased oxygen supply to function, says Mayo Clinic. It increases oxygen content in the blood. It also temporarily restores tissue function. Doctors recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of medical conditions such as anemia, gangrene, burns, brain abscess and sudden deafness. It is also necessary for the treatment of arterial gas embolism, skin infection, radiation injury, sudden and painless loss of eyesight and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Complications that result from hyperbaric oxygen therapy include temporary shortsightedness and ear injuries such as eardrum rupture because of increased air pressure, states Mayo Clinic. Other potential risks include lung collapse because of barotrauma, and oxygen toxicity in the central nervous system resulting in seizures.

Research shows that hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses the effects of a stroke and other traumas, according to Everyday Health. It leads to increased brain activity, reverses paralysis and increases sensation.

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