What Are Some Benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water?


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As of 2015, potential benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water include improved quality of life in patients receiving radiation for liver tumors, decreased serum cholesterol levels in metabolic syndrome high-risk patients, and decreased oxidative damage in chronic hepatitis patients, states Nature.com. One clinical study of rats showed that consuming hydrogen-rich water reduced periodontal inflammation. Another showed the water reduced oxidative damage in aging periodontal tissue, but not inflammatory reactions. Scientists need more research to determine long-term effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water.

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Drinking water rich in hydrogen may afford protection against oxidative damage that results from aging, because molecular hydrogen has antioxidative qualities, explains Nature.com. Scientists published study results in 2013 that showed chronic hepatitis B patients who consumed hydrogen-rich water experienced improved liver function and decreased serum parameters of oxidative damage.

In a controlled study, patients with cancerous liver tumors who received radiotherapy drank hydrogen-rich water for six weeks, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The patients enriched their drinking water by placing metallic magnesium sticks into it, so that the final concentration of hydrogen ranged between 0.55 and 0.65 millimolar. Study results published in 2011 show the hydrogen-enriched water reduces the body's biological reaction to oxidative stress produced by radiation treatment, such as appetite loss and tasting disorders, while maintaining the tumor-fighting properties of the treatment.

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