What Are the Benefits of Hormone Pellets?


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The benefits of taking hormone pellets include more stable hormone levels due to the gradual release of tiny doses of bioidentical hormones over a period of time, a convenient method of obtaining the hormones through insertion of pellets into the body, and use of pure bioidentical hormone pellets without additives, according to Advanced Medical Therapeutics. Individuals do not have to take pills or apply topical creams, as doctors insert pellets into their bodies every four to six months.

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Hormone pellet therapy involves injecting bioidentical hormone pellets, which are comparable to the size of a small piece of rice, beneath the skin in the hip region, explains Advanced Medical Therapeutics. The pellets contain pure bioidentical testosterone, estrogen or a combination of the two hormones.

Some doctors recommend hormone pellet therapy to people whose hormone levels must be corrected to relieve menopause or andropause symptoms such as hot flashes and fatigue, Advanced Medical Therapeutics reports. Compared to synthetic hormones and pills, hormone pellet therapy does not increase a person's risk of blood clotting.

The body naturally absorbs the hormone pellets within four to six months, notes Advanced Medical Therapeutics. Doctors suggest avoiding exhausting activities for 24 to 48 hours following insertion of the pellets. Patients who receive the pellets should also avoid swimming or bathing in a tub for three to five days.

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