What Are Some Benefits of Having a High Work Table?


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A high work table or workspace that encourages standing offers health benefits, such as decreasing mental fatigue and increasing circulation. Additionally, it encourages concentration and productivity. A table that encourages standing at work often leads to a relief in back pain and may help in losing weight, due to burning more calories.

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Extended sitting can cause physical problems, such as backaches, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, sciatica, headaches and vision issues, that can be countered by having a work space built for standing. Sitting for extended periods can also cause muscles to lose tone and definition.

Other benefits to a standing workspace, such as a high work table, include a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Some studies have shown that sitting for extended periods is correlated with reduced effectiveness in regulating the level of glucose in the bloodstream. There have also been studies that show a greatly increased risk of health problems related to cardiovascular disease in adults who spend two or more hours per day sitting.

Additional health benefits include a reduced risk of cancer, such as breast and colon cancer, that seem to be most influenced by physical activity and lower long-term mortality risk.

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