What Are the Benefits of Having the Da Vinci Surgery for a Hysterectomy?


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The benefits of having the da Vinci surgery for a hysterectomy include less pain, reduced blood loss and lower risk of infection, according to UCLA Health. The patient also has a shorter stay in the hospital and a shorter recovery time over all.

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Since da Vinci hysterectomy uses only small incisions, there is less visible scarring than in an open surgery, says UCLA Medicine. Patients are also satisfied with the outcome of the da Vinci hysterectomy and have better outcomes.

Because the surgery is robot-assisted, the surgeon can see the organs that surround the uterus and operate with greater precision, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. She can either use a laparoscope during one part of the operation and remove the patient's uterus transvaginally, or she can use the laparoscope throughout the entire procedure and remove the uterus through the patient's vagina. A laparoscope is a tube fitted with a tiny camera and attached to a monitor that allows the surgeon to see the surgical field, says WebMD.

The operation takes between one and three hours while the patient is under general anesthesia, says Johns Hopkins Medicine, and only a single night's stay is required. She should be able to resume her normal day-to-day activities within a week.

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