What Are the Benefits of Giving Birth at Home?


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Benefits of giving birth at home include delivering a baby in a relaxed environment surrounded with preferred company and the ability to freely move around when in labor. Additionally, a home birth enables a woman to control her labor positions and avoid pain-relieving medication. It also enables a pregnant woman to follow her cultural and religious beliefs, and it is affordable compared to a hospital delivery, according to Mayo Clinic.

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A home birth should be avoided when a woman has diabetes, chronic high blood pressure and seizures. Expectant mothers carrying multiple babies, those who have had a previous C-section, and those pregnant less than 37 weeks or more than 41 weeks should also avoid giving birth at home. Additionally, pregnant women with pre-eclampsia should avoid home births. Home births require assistance from a midwife. A prenatal care provider ascertains whether a home birth is a safe choice, states Mayo Clinic.

A health care provider periodically monitors blood pressure, temperature and the baby's heart rate. After delivery, the newborn is examined. Follow-up care consists of lactation support and home visits. Transfer to a hospital is required when there are problems with labor progress and the appearance of fecal waste in amniotic fluid. Transfer to a hospital is necessary when there is placental abruption and when baby has an abnormal heart rate, according to Mayo Clinic.

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