What Are the Benefits of Ginger for Women?

benefits-ginger-women Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images

Ginger root is known for alleviating a number of women's health issues, including menstrual cramps and pregnancy-related nausea. Some research suggests the plant also has the ability to slow and possibly kill ovarian cancer cells.

Although ginger ale is often suggested as a means to quell nausea, real ginger is even more effective for relieving nausea and diarrhea and generally settling the stomach. Pregnant women with morning sickness often benefit from taking up to 250 milligrams of the root in capsule form each day, or from drinking the equivalent amount in tea form. Many also have success chewing crystallized ginger when they begin to feel sick.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities, ginger is excellent for easing menstrual cramps and associated lower back pain. Owing to its chromium, zinc and magnesium levels, it also improves blood flow, which further relieves muscle pain and cramps.

The medicinal qualities of ginger have been recognized by various cultures for at least two thousand years, with ancient texts from Asia, the Middle East and Europe proclaiming the many benefits of the plant. Chinese and Indian Ayurveda medical practitioners regularly incorporate ginger into their patient care. It is the rhizome of the ginger plant that provides its health benefits.