What Are the Benefits of Getting a Knee Replacement?

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Knee Replacement?

The primary benefit of knee replacement surgery is the reduction or elimination of chronic knee pain, reports WebMD. Improved mobility and joint function are additional benefits.

Most candidates for knee surgery experience chronic pain, according to Henry J. Bloom, MD. This pain is usually severe enough to impact their ability to live normally, including their ability to do everyday activities such as shopping and climbing stairs. The pain is often severe enough to disturb their sleep. Knee replacement surgery often substantially improves this pain, increasing the patients' quality of life.

Many people also seek knee replacement surgery to alleviate stiffness in the joint so they can move better. However, this benefit can be more unpredictable, as reported by WebMD. Some people experience significant improvements in their ability to move, even being able to ride a bicycle again, while others have less dramatic benefits. Many patients do experience at least some improvement in their movement.

Patients whose arthritis has caused physical deformities may also benefit from knee replacement surgery, reports Dr. Bloom. The surgery can sometimes reduce or correct issues such as bowleggedness.

Good candidates for knee replacement surgery generally have fairly severe pain and have tried other, more conservative therapies without success. Patients who have only mild symptoms may be more likely to regret the surgery, although the majority of patients are happy with the results, reports Arthritis Research U.K.