What Are the Benefits of Getting a Full Body Thai Massage?


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Physical benefits of getting a full body Thai massage include slowing the aging process, aiding in the detoxifying process, improved blood circulation, better breathing and improved muscle flexibility. Full body Thai massages have also been known to improve mood and creativity, calm the mind and improve emotional balance.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting a Full Body Thai Massage?
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Psychological benefits of receiving a full body Thai massage include stress and anxiety relief, improved inner energy, better self-control, and improved vitality. Thai massages can also improve stamina and potentially allow a person to feel more confident.

Thai massage techniques utilize trigger point techniques, neuro-muscular therapy, manual therapy and myofascial techniques. The style is opposed to the Swedish massage, which focuses on the physical body by massaging the muscles. Thai massages often start at the feet and progress upwards with a series of flowing, soft exercise movements. Some of the movements are linked to yoga and impact the energetic side of the body.

The Thai massage technique has been used to maintain health and treat illnesses. The technique combines aspects of acupressure, reflexology and exercise movements. In addition to the hands being used on the body, the elbows and feet are used to massage the body as well. Recipients of Thai massages often wear loose clothing and position themselves on the floor.

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