What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bronchoscopy Procedure?


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The benefits of a bronchoscopy procedure include the opportunity for physicians to detect bleeding or inflammation that may not show up on an X-ray and the potential to remove tissue samples for further testing, according to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Copious fluid can also be removed from the lungs during a bronchoscopy procedure.

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Physicians recommend bronchoscopy procedures when patients have abnormal findings on chest X-rays or abnormal CT scans, explains the Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Individuals who have pneumonia, tuberculosis, an unexplained cough or blood that appears while coughing benefit from the procedure to investigate the cause of infections and conditions.

A bronchoscopy procedure involves inserting a bronchoscope, a lighted, flexible tube, into the body to examine the larynx, trachea and bronchi, states the Jersey Shore University Medical Center. The equipment is able to take real-time pictures and produces images of the air passages on a video screen or eyepiece. The bronchoscope features an open channel that allows surgeons to insert instruments to obtain tissue samples or remove fluid built up within the lungs. The outpatient procedure is performed while patients are sedated and lying on their backs so the physician can insert the bronchoscope through the throat, nose or mouth.

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