What Are the Benefits of Garlic Capsules?


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Garlic capsules are good for lowering blood pressure and treating ringworm, jock itch and athlete's foot, according to WebMD. They have also been used for treating many cancers, including rectal cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer.

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While garlic has many health benefits, it is not suitable for pregnant women or people allergic to any of the ingredients in garlic, says Drugs.com. Garlic interacts with some medical conditions, so doctor's advice is recommended before taking it. There are potential risks if the person taking garlic is taking other herbal medications or prescription medications, is allergic to foods or substances, has diabetes or a blood disease, or has a stomach or bowel disorder.

The dosage of garlic depends on its use, notes Drugs.com. Most patients are advised to follow the directions on the package, though some doctors alter instructions. Even with garlic supplements, the smell is often noticed on the skin or breath. To help with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, garlic sometimes takes several months to be effective. Missing a dose of garlic is not an issue.

Potential side effects of taking garlic include burning of the mouth or stomach, hormonal changes, nausea and sweating, explains Drugs.com. It also increases the risk of allergic reactions, including tightness in the chest, problems breathing and swelling of the lips or tongue.

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