What Are the Benefits of a Galvanic High Frequency Treatment?


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Galvanic high frequency cosmetic treatment, also called iontophoresis, tightens and firms skin tissues, constricts hair follicles, and decreases blood flow while increasing the oxygenation of cells, according to the International Dermal Institute. Other benefits include the regeneration and restoration of critical moisture to the skin.

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Galvanic treatments make use of galvanic electric currents applied to the skin, notes the International Dermal Institute. Galvanic currents are continuous and unidirectional, characterized by medium amperage and low voltage. During galvanic current skin treatment, a dermatologist places a product that is positively charged on the skin, beneath an active electrode. He place a counter electrode somewhere else on the body, and the repulsion effect between these two electrodes pushes the positively charged product into the skin.

Galvanic current treatment has a constrictive effect on the body's vascular system, states the International Dermal Institute. This makes galvanic treatment ideal for controlling sensitivity and inflammation. Any pH-balanced, water-soluble skin product works with galvanic treatment, including oil-controlling acne serums, regenerating complexes designed to combat the effects of aging, treatment moisturizers and skin-firming products. Other examples of skin products that are effective with galvanic current treatment are pigment-correcting complexes and masques designed to hydrate and nourish the skin.

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