What Are the Benefits of GABA Supplements?

Based on research, possible benefits of using GABA include the treatment of high blood pressure and motion sickness. Other benefits, such as treating cerebral palsy, relieving pain, stabilizing blood pressure and treating Huntington’s disease and meningitis, need further research to prove effectiveness, says WebMD.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid is a chemical found in the brain. As a supplement, GABA is taken orally or placed under the tongue and blocks neurotransmissions during treatment. Discuss using this supplement with a pharmacist or physician before beginning treatment, recommends WebMD.

Taken by mouth, GABA uses include treatment for premenstrual syndrome, anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Oral treatment also includes promoting lean muscle growth, burning fat, relieving pain and blood pressure management. Placed under the tongue, treatment claims include relieving injuries, decreasing body fat and an increased endurance and sense of well-being. Medical research supports claims that GABA reduces blood pressure. For motion sickness, GABA slows the effects such as reducing chills, pale skin and cold sweats, states WebMD.

Although GABA is likely safe when taken no more than 12 weeks by mouth, exercise caution when taking GABA during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Follow the product label when determining the appropriate dose and consider other factors, such as health and age, explains WebMD.