What Are Some Benefits of a Foot Circulation Machine?

Some of the primary benefits to those who use foot circulation machines are mitigation of symptoms caused by poor circulation, such as numbness, tingling and aches, and improved blood flow in the foot area, reports Poor Circulation. Consistent use also reduces the frequency of the onset of symptoms.

Although health care from a medical professional and medication are usually required to treat conditions that may lead to poor circulation, home remedies such as foot massagers and foot circulation machines are often recommended to ease the symptoms of such conditions, according to Poor Circulation. Some of these machines offer vibration therapy, and the stimulation to the nerves in the bottoms of the feet can offer symptom relief. Other machines offer a foot bath in combination with massaging action. The air-bubble action in combination with heated water jets acts as a circulation booster for the lower leg and foot area.

Other combination machines use massaging action and heat to stimulate acupuncture points in the bottoms of the feet, states Poor Circulation. These types of machine are based on ancient Chinese therapeutic practices and offer symptom relief from a wide range of angles in the feet. Finally, another type of machine uses heat, vibration and magnetic forces, providing a multi-dimensional strategy to improving poor circulation in the feet.