What Are the Benefits of Estrogen Therapy?


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There are a number of benefits to estrogen therapy including decreased risk of certain cancers and heart disease, and improved cholesterol as explained by Healthline. Getting more estrogen can also improve elasticity in the vagina, and improve mood and hot flashes for menopausal women.

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In studies, estrogen therapy is shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer in women of all ages, according to Healthline. However, when it comes to decreasing the chances of heart disease, the benefits only apply to women who are older than 50 but younger than 70. At that point, the risk of heart disease increases with estrogen therapy.

It is also shown that women who take estrogen therapy have better cholesterol numbers, as indicated by Healthline. When a woman begins to lose estrogen, she also loses the good cholesterol in her body. At the same time, the bad cholesterol increases, putting her at risk for heart disease. Women who lose estrogen are also more at risk for night sweats and hot flashes, conditions associated with menopause. Since estrogen therapy puts more estrogen into the body, these symptoms subside. Individuals researching estrogen therapy should keep in mind that too much estrogen may cause mood swings, so finding the right balance when trying estrogen therapy is important.

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