What Are the Benefits of Drinking Bottled Water?

The benefits of drinking bottled water include increased hydration, reduced risk of contaminants and enjoyment of a neutral flavor. Bottled water is strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and held to many of the same guidelines as tap water in the United States.

The benefits of staying hydrated include increased stamina and healthier-looking skin. Proper hydration is important for keeping bodily fluids at the correct levels throughout the day, and drinking plenty of water ensures the body can naturally transport and remove waste products and toxins. Regular dehydration can lead to an increased risk of kidney stones.

Bottled water offers a reduced risk of contaminants for those traveling to exotic locales, especially if the water is from an area that highly regulates its bottled water ingredients and handling methods. The International Bottled Water Association holds member companies to a high standard for safety, and water from IBWA members is a healthy alternative to local tap water in some parts of the world.

Many people enjoy the neutral flavor of bottled water over the taste of water from the tap, which may carry trace elements or additives that affect the taste. The FDA allows less lead in bottled water, which is an added benefit.