Are There Any Benefits to Drinking Aloe Vera Juice?


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Aloe juice is scientifically accepted to have laxative properties and is known to be effective in treating constipation. WebMD states that aloe vera gel is primarily used as a topical ointment for skin irritations such as sunburns; however, there may be some health benefits related to drinking aloe vera juice or otherwise ingesting aloe vera orally.

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WebMD warns that taking aloe vera orally may be dangerous, especially in high doses. Oral ingestion of aloe vera may be related to cancer and kidney disease. Despite these possible complications, many people take aloe latex by mouth as potential treatments for depression, epilepsy, asthma, bleeding, colitis, absence of menstruation, colds, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and other vision problems.

The efficacy of aloe vera as a remedy for these ailments is still debated, and in some cases, debunked by science, notes WebMD. As of 2002, the United States Food and Drug Administration has issued an order to remove aloe from all over-the-counter laxative products due to the potential side effects and the increased dosage needed over time to produce laxative effects. Aloe vera is still available in juice form and functions in generally the same way as supplement form. ABC News reports that aloe vera juice is a good source of vitamin B-12, which vegetarians and vegans are often lacking.

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