What Are the Benefits of Dried Mulanggay Seeds?

According to WebMD, dried malunggay seeds, also called moringa seeds, are used to alleviate symptoms of numerous medical conditions in humans and are added to foods and perfumes too. Moringa seeds are sources of nutrition and are consumed like sunflower seeds, carroway seeds and other common household legumes. These seeds are used in many disciplines, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries and cosmetic industry.

Moringa seeds are derived from tropical climates — primarily the sub-Himalayan regions of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most parts of the moringa plant are edible or otherwise useful: leaves, bark, flowers, fruits and roots are all used to make medicines. Moringa seeds are used in medicines to control swelling, increase sex drive and reduce the spread of infections. These seeds are also antioxidants and are used to minimize the effects of snakebites and insect bites along with reducing warts and sealing wounds. Moringa seeds, like many seeds and nuts, contain oils, which are also extracted and used in commercial products. Moringa oils are added to foods to enhance flavors and textures, and the oils are ingredients in perfumes, makeup and many hair care products. Moringa seeds are also sold as seed cakes, which are used by botanists and gardeners as fertilizer to encourage plant growth.