What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks to CoolSculpting?


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One benefit of the CoolSculpting cosmetic procedure is that it does not require surgery; one drawback is that it often takes time and multiple visits to see the results of the procedure. CoolSculpting uses very cold temperatures to freeze and allow the removal of fat and is therefore non-invasive.

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This procedure uses paddles that are strategically pressed against certain fat deposits on the body. The cold temperature freezes and kills fat cell in that area. There is no pain and no incisions, making this an out-patient procedure.

When the fat cells die, the body absorbs them and moves them out of the body as waste. Other sculpting procedures remove the cells forcibly, causing swelling. Because CoolSculpting eliminates the cells naturally, recovery times are significantly reduced, with some patients returning to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Fat is not automatically removed from the body. It can take several days or weeks for results to show. There is also little versatility for clients who have bulkier fat deposits. The procedure is better suited to people who are close to their goal weight but have problem areas. Clients who have large areas of fat to be removed should seek an alternative procedure or wait until they are at a lower weight.

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