What Are Some Benefits of the Dr. Oz Colon Cleanse?


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The Dr Oz two-day cleanse is an eating plan that optimizes the functioning of your liver, kidneys and colon, says Dr. Mehmet Oz, on Oprah.com. The cleanse involves eating three whole-food meals a day, plus snacks. Meals consist of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain in the form of quinoa, which contains protein. This distinguishes the plan from other detoxes that avoid protein.

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Good nutrition boosts energy levels, and eating whole foods instead of processed foods is especially beneficial, reports Health.com. The Dr. Oz cleanse includes no processed foods, sugar or caffeine. Processed or artificial foods, sugar and caffeine all drain the body of energy.

Eating fruits and vegetables helps clean out the small bowel, which is a natural way of getting rid of dietary toxins, notes Everyday Health. Wash fruits and vegetables well, to get rid of any pesticide residue.

Enzymes work in conjunction with the liver, kidneys and colon to cleanse the body by breaking down toxins and flushing them out. In addition to focusing on whole foods, his cleanse eating plan incorporates specific nutrients to boost enzyme and excretory functions, notes Dr. Oz. Examples include vitamin B6 from bananas, digestive enzymes from pineapple, and probiotics from fermented sauerkraut.

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