What Are the Benefits of Dental Flippers for Adults?


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Benefits of dental flippers, also known as removable partial dentures, for adults include closing any unsightly spaces in the mouth and helping the person eat and drink easier, explains HowStuffWorks. A dental flipper is a temporary device a person uses until a permanent dental device is available.

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Using devices such as flippers helps adults with missing teeth minimize bone loss in the first few months after losing a tooth, claims HowStuffWorks. This is when bone loss is the most drastic. Using a flipper also helps prevent the teeth from shifting in the mouth. A flipper also protects any wounds in the mouth from lost teeth, and it assists in the healing process. In most cases, dentists make flippers before the loss of a tooth, so it is usable immediately.

Made of acrylic resin, flippers are affordable and similar to retainers in the way they go into the mouth, according to HowStuffWorks. Adults who wear flippers claim these devices are more comfortable and look better than devices such as partials made of metals. In addition, flippers are easier to get used to as they are not as unyielding as other devices. As a temporary fix for missing teeth, flippers are more inexpensive than other options when waiting for implants or permanent dentures.

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