What Are the Benefits of Da Vinci Prostate Surgery?


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Da Vinci prostate surgery has an array of benefits, including shorter recovery time, limited fluid build-up, less pain and less bleeding. The Da Vinci surgery is often prescribed for patients with prostate cancer, notes Da Vinci Surgery.

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Prostate cancer affects the prostate of men. Individuals with this condition may experience various symptoms including pain in the bones, painful sensations when urinating, a frequent urge to pass urine, urinary retention and erectile dysfunction. This condition may be treated through the Da Vinci prostate surgery, which involves the use of a 3-dimensional camera and a minimally invasive technique, notes the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Because it is minimally invasive, this type of surgery does not produce a lot of bleeding. It allows the patient to recover within a short period of time. This means anyone that undergoes the surgery can go back to normal activity without extensive interruptions. Patients that undergo the surgery spend a lesser time with the urinary catheter.

Da Vinci surgeries are generally successful and do not produce significant complications. It minimizes the chances of nerve injury. Other benefits associated with this type of surgery include less chance of hospital readmission, less chance of blood clot development after surgery and faster return to urinary function.

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