What Are Some Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy?


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Benefits of craniosacral therapy include are the release of tension, reduced pain and reduced compression in the spinal column, according to Massage Envy. The therapy can alleviate headaches and neck pain. In some cases, it helps patients achieve better sleep quality for up to three weeks. Craniosacral therapy may help reduce the tension in the body that builds after a chronic injury.

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Relaxation is one of the main benefits of craniosacral therapy, states La Vida Massage. As a result, it lowers anxiety levels and promotes a feeling of well-being. People who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders may experience a reduction in jaw tightness and pain after a therapy session. Therapy that focuses on the sacrum can help people reduce back pain and the effects of long-term fatigue. Craniosacral therapy can also help alleviate balance problems.

Massage Today asserts that doctors have successfully used craniosacral therapy to treat slow-wave deficiencies in the brain. In addition, the therapy has been useful in treating seizure disorders by increasing the seizure threshold

PubMed Central states that both brain injury clinicians and alternative treatment centers display an interest in using craniosacral therapy as a potential complementary treatment for traumatic brain injuries suffered by their patients.

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