What Are Benefits of CoQ10 and the Recommended Dosage?


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The benefits of coenzyme Q10 include easing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, treating chest pain, fighting cancer and preventing heart disease, but dosing depends on the use, according to Mayo Clinic. Other ways coenzyme Q10 can benefit the body include treating diabetes and gum disease.

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In order to treat the side effects of Alzheimer's disease, experts recommend taking a dose of 400 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 for 16 weeks, claims Mayo Clinic. Individuals can also take 90 to 360 milligrams of a similar compound known as idebenone. To treat chest pain, people should take 60 to 600 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 for 4 weeks.

Since coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant, it can also help to fight off cancer, explains Mayo Clinic. To get these benefits, experts recommend doses of 60 to 150 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 for 2 to 12 weeks. To use coenzyme Q10 to prevent heart disease, an individual should take 200 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 once a day for 12 weeks. If suffering from diabetes, coenzyme Q10 in a dose of 100 milligrams twice a day may help, too. To fight off gum disease, adding 1000 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 to corn oil and taking it by mouth for 6 weeks may help.

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