What Are Some Benefits of Consuming Teff Grain?


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The benefits of consuming teff grain include managing blood sugars, helping to regulate bowel movements, and helping to lower blood pressure. The teff grain is native to Ethiopia and has been consumed there for thousands of years.

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Teff has a relatively low glycemic index and contains up to 40 percent resistant starches. This makes it good for helping to control blood sugar levels. Diabetics can especially benefit from including teff grains to their regular diet.

The grain is also high in fiber content, making it good for regulating bowel movements. It also a good snack for people on a weight loss diet because it helps them to feel fuller for longer. It has a good combination of the amino acids required for the body’s repair and growth.

Teff is low in sodium and a good choice for people who want to maintain a healthy diet and lower their blood pressure. Unprocessed teff is better because the pre-processed version contains additives and preservatives that are high in sodium. This information is usually indicated on the nutritional label.

Lastly, teff is easy to incorporate to daily meals because it is a versatile grain. It can be baked, boiled, steamed or eaten whole. The grain is also included in a variety of products including snack bars, cereals, pancakes and breads.

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