What Are Some Benefits of Coflex Back Surgery?


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Benefits of coflex back surgery include the relief of the pain of spinal stenosis, characterized by pain in the neck or back; cramps, weakness and numb sensations in the arms or legs; shooting pains in the legs; and trouble with the feet, according to the Spine Institute and MedlinePlus. The coflex surgery also leads to less blood loss and trauma to the patient's muscles and skeleton.

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Other benefits are less time on the operating table, less time in the hospital and a faster recovery, explains the Spine Institute. The surgical incision is also smaller.

The coflex device is a U-shaped implant made of titanium, reports Paradigm Spine. A surgeon implants the device between two bones in the lower back after decompression surgery, which relieves pressure on the spinal nerve that causes the pain, numbness and weakness in the patient's legs. The coflex device makes sure there is a distance between the two bones and limits the ability of the person to bend backwards, which also helps ease the discomfort of spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal, says MedlinePlus. It usually strikes people over 50, but can occur in younger people who have suffered spinal injuries or who suffer diseases such as scoliosis, or the curvature of the spine, and arthritis.

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