What Are the Benefits of a Coffee Enema?


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According to Natural News, a coffee enema helps to reduce systemic toxicity in the body, cleanse and heal the colon and digestive tract and increase energy levels. Because a coffee enema helps to clear and clean the digestive tract, it can also help improve peristalsis, or the process of organized muscle contractions that push food through the digestive tract. A coffee enema can also help eliminate parasites and Candida.

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A coffee enema is indicated for its ability to detoxify and repair the liver, according to Natural News. By absorbing coffee and its nutrients through the colon wall, the liver is able to cleanse and help to diminish symptoms such as bloating, gas and stomach pain associated with poor digestion. The coffee enema stimulates the release of bile and can efficiently remove wastes from the body. By flushing the colon of impacted fecal matter, toxins, parasites and Candida, a person can recognize increased mental clarity and better control of moods. Coffee enemas are also thought to help ease chronic pain, as well as heal and prevent chronic illnesses. When used during a dietary cleanse, a coffee enema can help to prevent die-off symptoms and other pain symptoms caused by the detox.

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