What Are the Benefits of Coconut Water?


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Coconut water is an all-natural way to hydrate the body, reduce sodium and add potassium, states WebMD. While more research is needed about its many beneficial claims, it is a nutritious and relatively low-calorie way to stay hydrated.

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What Are the Benefits of Coconut Water?
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Coconut water is claimed to be naturally fat- and cholesterol-free, to have more potassium than four bananas and to be hydrating. Although coconut water replenishes body fluids as well as a sports drink, it won't rehydrate the body unless a lot is consumed, WebMD reports. In comparison to sports drinks, coconut water was shown to cause less nausea, fullness and upset stomachs when consumed in large amounts.

Coconut water does have a large amount of potassium, however drinking multiple boxes of coconut water a day amounts to an increased intake of up to 60 to 120 calories, notes Time Magazine. Individuals who are struggling to get enough fruits and vegetables, which are good sources of potassium, in their diets can benefit from the potassium in coconut water. Potassium can help to ward off stroke and early deaths in women, while leading to lower blood pressure.

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