What Are the Benefits of Cider Vinegar and Honey?

Using a mixture of cider vinegar and honey has several health benefits such as promoting weight loss, relieving morning sickness and leg cramps, and fighting infections. Additionally, this mixture can be used for improving conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Cider vinegar and honey help to regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. The mixture is believed to stimulate thinking and slow the aging process. Honey and vinegar are considered to be detoxifying substances and are commonly used while following a detoxification diet intended to stimulate toxin removal from the body.

Pregnant women can use vinegar and honey to cure morning sickness by mixing one tablespoon of each in a glass of cold water and drinking the mixture before bed. Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and diarrhea are treated with vinegar by adding two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drinking it. Honey may be added to improve the taste of the drink.

For healthy skin and nails, cider vinegar and honey are used in equal proportion for moisturizing the cuticles. Honey is a natural humectant that draws moisture into the skin and contains enzymes and nutrients that heal and nourish it. Apple cider vinegar softens the skin and promotes healthy nail growth by balancing the PH of the skin. Coconut oil can also be added to the mixture to condition the skin. The mixture can be left on the skin for five to ten minutes before being rinsed off.