What Are Some Benefits of Cholacol?


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Some benefits of using Cholacol, are that it doesn't contain any harmful stimulants, there are no listed side effects, and it does contain some ingredients that have been proven to help absorb fat, as of 2016, according to DietSpotlight. The main weight loss ingredients are collinsonia and bovine bile salt.

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Collinsonia has anti-inflammatory properties intended for the treatment of intestinal problems. Bovine bile salt is extracted from cow livers and is used as substance that helps break down undigested fats and salts in the body, explains DietSpotlight. Breaking down these extra fats and salts makes it easier for them to pass through the body without being used, and the main purpose of Cholacol is keep the body from metabolizing extra fat. However, if more than fat is stopped from being metabolized, this can lead to a nutrition deficiency.

Some disadvantages of this product are that it is made exclusively for people who have had their gallbladder removed, and it doesn't contain any appetite suppressants to help with weight loss. Additionally, the company website does not feature any customer testimonials, reports DietSpotlight. The editors from DietSpotlight recommend a product with more weight loss ingredients and appetite suppressants, if weight loss is the goal.

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