What Are Some Benefits of ChlorOxygen?


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Some benefits from supplementing on ChlorOxygen include increased oxygenation of body tissues and rapid adjustment to changes in altitude, notes Family Health Center. Individuals taking this product may also feel more energized and less exhausted due to elevated production of red blood cells.

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Chlorophyll is an essential pigment that enables plants to capture sunlight and transform it into energy. This botanical substance structurally resembles hemoglobin, which transports vital oxygen in the blood. While chlorophyll is magnesium-based, the protein hemoglobin is primarily made up of iron. Intake of ChlorOxygen is said to augment oxygen concentration in the blood by boosting the absorptive property of hemoglobin, claims ChlorOxygen's manufacturer Herbs Etc. Additionally, this process also results in increased levels of magnesium in the body, which is an important dietary component for optimal health.

ChlorOxygen's active ingredient, chlorophyll, is said to be particularly beneficial due to its potent features, which include anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing, chelating, anti-carcinogenic and anti-atherogenic properties. This substance also promotes basicity in the body to prevent genetic damage, acts as a natural deodorizer and combats free radicals, states Dr. Theresa Ramsey.

ChlorOxygen also aids individuals to quickly acclimatize to high altitude areas, thus, providing relief from headaches, queasiness, exhaustion, breathing difficulty and sleep issues. Other known benefits of ChlorOxygen include protection for the liver from diseases and maintenance of normal hematocrit levels in expectant mothers.

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