What Are Some Benefits of Cheerleading Classes for Kids?


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Cheerleading classes help young people increase physical endurance, build strength, improve coordination and gain flexibility. While the benefits to cheerleading classes include many physical aspects, important life skills taught through participation in cheerleading include confidence building, the opportunity to practice leadership and to improve teamwork, communication and discipline.

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The typical routine implemented in cheerleading requires tremendous stamina and endurance. Although competitive routines often last a mere two to three minutes, the mandatory practice involved is a full cardiovascular workout, including dancing, tumbling, stunts and jumps. Once cheerleaders enter the sport competitively, they often practice for several hours each week and include strength training in the workout.

Participants in cheerleading class must demonstrate focus, strength and balance. Bases and backspots must lift other cheerleaders, while flyers must utilize strength and flexibility to maintain positions in the air and support the bases.

Cheerleading classes help people gain communication and teamwork skills as participants help ensure the safety of one another, depend on each other to implement the routines and work together as a unified team. Being part of the group helps youth feel connected with one another and helps them feel confident as they master new skills, help one another and perform for an audience.

Students in cheerleading class can gain leadership skills by offering advice to classmates, demonstrating hard work and discipline on and off the mat, and showing a receptiveness to trying new things.

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