What Are the Benefits of Cellfood?


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Cellfood has an array of benefits to the body that include increasing cellular respiration, boosting energy, metabolism catalyst, balancing body metabolism and strengthening the immune system, as detailed by RxOxygen.com. Other benefits include detoxifying the body and balancing the body metabolism.

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A mixture of cellfood and water results in an exothermic reaction that produces oxygen and hydrogen to the body cells. Steady supply of oxygen and hydrogen improves cellular respiration and their functioning according to the official website. By increasing cellular respiration, the body’s metabolism is improved, and this boosts energy production. In addition, cellfood offers trace elemental support to body systems contribute to overall increased energy. It also provides relief from allergies, notes RxOxygen.com.

Cellfood acts as a catalyst to metabolism. Its users experience increased metabolism and enhanced nutrient absorption. This is made possible by the trace mineral activated digestive and metabolic enzymes that work more efficiently as stated by RxOxygen.com. In addition, Cellfood also contributes to anabolic and catabolic balance because of its electrostatic and bipolar valence properties. It also boosts the body’s quick healing response that aids to recover faster from injuries.

Increased metabolism and energy in the body consequently leads to detoxification. Cellfood helps to eliminate poisons, toxins and other cellular waste materials from the body as indicated by RxOxygen.com. It also exhibits immune system support properties. Cellfood helps to raise organ awareness and resistance to mild viruses, bacteria and parasites, declares RxOxygen.com.

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