What Are the Benefits of CareFirst Dental Insurance?

What Are the Benefits of CareFirst Dental Insurance?

CareFirst dental insurance offers a number of benefits to policyholders including free preventative and diagnostic services, reduced dental costs, and access to a large network of dental providers. The level of benefits is determined by the type of dental insurance.

The cheapest form of dental insurance offered by CareFirst is the individual select dental HMO package, which offers access to a network of dentists in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Reduced dental fees range between $20 and $2,500 depending on the type of treatment received. It provides members with a list of predictable out-of-pocket expenses for dental services, so budgeting is much easier. Another advantage of this particular CareFirst service is that there's no claim filing or waiting for reimbursements and no waiting periods for care.

Other dental insurance plans provided by CareFirst offer additional advantages to members including the freedom to choose a dental provider, even on a national scale. The individual select preferred dental plus plan provides dental coverage for basic services such as cleanings, examinations and X-rays plus major surgical procedures and orthodontic coverage. Some services, including oral exams and X-rays, are free of charge.

CareFirst dental members do not typically need referrals unless they opt for the individual select dental HMO membership. Regardless of plan chosen, all dental coverage options from CareFirst come with guaranteed acceptance.

BlueDental preferred plans have two payment tiers to suit any budget, and both meet the Affordable Care Act requirements. One bonus is that once members have paid $350 out-of-pocket fees, additional dental care is free of charge.