What Are the Benefits of Beta Glucan?


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Beta glucans can be beneficial in boosting the immune system of people with chronic fatigue syndrome or stress-related illnesses. It is also a treatment for high cholesterol, cancer and infections, according to WebMD.

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Studies show beta glucans likely lower LDL cholesterol, notes WebMD. Research suggests, depending on the processing method, some beta glucans may not be helpful in treating cholesterol issues. Beta glucans may extend the life of advanced stage cancer patients if given intravenously or as an injection into the muscle. This treatment must be given for a long period of time. Specific types of beta glucans may reduce infection risk after surgery and reduce the risk of sepsis due to trauma.

Some studies show beta glucans may be helpful in treating canker sores, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. However, there is insufficient evidence to fully support these claims, explains WebMD. Applying a product that contains beta glucans may help prevent women who have a history of developing yeast infections from getting another one. A product, Wellmune WGP, that contains a specific type of beta glucans may be helpful in reducing allergic reactions and hay fever in those who are allergic to ragweed. Beta glucans may also be helpful in treating colds, asthma and lyme disease, but the evidence is inconclusive.

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