What Are Some Benefits of Attending Weight Watchers Meetings?


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Weight Watchers meetings are beneficial because they typically provide the client with a strong support system. Studies have shown that women who are trying to lose weight with a support system have an easier time controlling eating habits and are able to choose lower calorie food options.

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Weightwatchers.com claims that through its meetings, a person can lose eight times more weight than people who try to lose weight on their own. Group leaders are former members who have had long-term success in weight loss after following a Weight Watchers plan. Leaders are able to use this expertise to help guide and pass on helpful and unique personal strategies to further educate and motivate new members in reaching their goal weights.

Weight Watchers meetings include both new and long-time members. Leaders provide support through weekly discussion topics, and members are able to share personal achievements, triumphs, struggles and motivational guidance.

Weight Watchers offers a lifetime membership. It is awarded to members who are able to maintain and reach their personal goal weights. Once this status has been achieved, members receive the Weight Watchers Lifetime Membership Recognition Award. This brings additional benefits along with a complimentary eTools subscription and unlimited meeting attendance.

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