What Are Some Benefits of Attending Depression Self-Help Groups?


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Some benefits of depression support groups are a reduction in feelings of isolation, being able to talk openly about feelings and experiences, getting advice about coping, and developing a network of support, according to Mayo Clinic. There are two main types of depression support groups: face-to-face support groups and online support groups, explains Health Communities.

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One of the hallmark features of depression is social withdrawal and isolation, which tend to make the illness worse, according to WebMD.

Support groups for people suffering from depression can counteract the social isolation associated with this disease because it puts them in contact with others in a safe space where they are not judged or ridiculed, explains Mayo Clinic. People can use support groups as a way to develop new friendships or find mentors. Because everyone in a support group has the same mental illness, people are able to talk more openly and honestly about their experiences with depression and how it effects their relationships and ability to function. Knowing that others have had similar symptoms or experiences can provide comfort and make people feel less alone. Support group members with more experience in coping with depression are also able to offer support and guidance to new members who are struggling.

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