What Are Some Benefits of Attaining Old Age?


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People often grow happier as they grow older. They gain an increased ability to manage their emotions and are more skilled at resolving social conflicts. Many are also better at problem solving and making financial decisions. In addition, older people enjoy some financial and health benefits.

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During old age, negative emotions such as sadness, anger and fear become less pronounced. Compared to people in their 50s and younger, older people are more likely to enjoy life on a daily basis and experience much less day-to-day stress and worry. They have fewer expectations and aspirations for themselves and a greater sense of appreciation for what they have already accomplished. They also have more accumulated experience to apply to problems.

Older people experience fewer and less severe migraines than when they were younger, and they often sleep better providing that they do not have health conditions that interfere with sleep. Older people who engage in regular physical activity can delay the onset or reduce the severity of many health issues commonly associated with old age.

Financially, older adults often receive discounts on restaurant meals, public transportation and hotels. In addition, many colleges and universities offer reduced-cost or free tuition to senior citizens for continuing education classes and degree programs.

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