What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water for Those With Cancer?


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Alkaline water helps to restore the body's natural pH levels, which should be between 7.3 and 7.4, according to Beat Cancer. The site claims that regular consumption of alkaline water can have a positive effect on sleep and energy, and can normalize weight and blood pressure, even for those battling cancer.

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Alkaline water is water in which the oxygen molecules outnumber the hydrogen molecules and it has an extra electron. Supposedly, the benefits to alkaline water come in the form of antioxidant bubbles called hydroxyl ions. These ions act to remove free radicals from the blood and decrease oxidation and aging, two factors in many types of cancers, claims Beat Cancer.

As time goes on, factors such as a poor diet, stress and smoking increase the acidity of the blood, making the body more susceptible to diseases such as cancer. Cancer cells find it difficult to grow in an alkaline environment because alkaline water gives the cells an inhospitable environment in which to grow.

Alkaline water comes bottled by various companies or patients can purchase an ionizer to make their tap water alkaline. As with any kind of cancer treatment, it is always best to seek the advice of a physician before trying anything new.

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