What Are Some Benefits of a 7-Day Carb Cycle Diet Plan?


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Some of the benefits of the 7-day carb cycle plan are psychological in that it not only includes alternating high- and lo-carb days during the week, it also includes a seventh-day reward day that allows dieters to have foods that they may not have in other diet plans once a week, says Dailyburn.com. Other benefits come from not cutting out carbs for such long periods that the metabolism of the body slows down to adjust.

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High-carb days are known as boost days in this cycle, increasing the metabolism, and low-carb days are known as burn days and let the body remain at an ideal state to burn fat, explains Dailyburn.com. Those who practice this diet in combination with an exercise regimen can potentially see dramatic results. This low-carb plan can be followed for a variety of purposes including weight loss, maintenance, fitness and improved athletic performance.

The carbs consumed for the best results during this type of program should come from whole foods that are largely unprocessed such as rice, oats, potatoes and breads, adds Dailyburn.com. Technically, however, no carbs are off limits given that part of the purpose of the program is to be able to indulge at least once a week on the reward day.

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