What Are the Benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor Products?


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4Life transfer factor products help increase the effectiveness of the immune system, explains 4Life Trademarks. These products help boost memory, response time and pathogen recognition speed of the immune system.

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4Life transfer factor products are formulated from transfer factor molecules, notes 4Life Trademarks. These molecules are a constituent of colostrum, a form of antibody-rich and nutrient-dense breast milk produced by humans and other mammals in the days immediately after birth. Transfer factor cells are responsible for transferring information on immunity from a mother to her infant's nascent immune system. To manufacture 4Life transfer factor products, 4Life uses cells extracted from chicken egg yolk and bovine colostrum.

Observations conducted in clinical settings seem to suggest that transfer factors may be efficacious against Candidiasis, herpes and the chronic fatigue syndrome, according to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. One study showed that transfer factors can boost CD8 lymphocyte counts and white blood cell levels in patients with HIV, while a study conducted on children with leukemia showed that transfer factors bestow immunity against the varicella-zoster infection. Transfer factors may boost survival rates in patients with stage I cervical cancer and stage I lung adenocarcinoma. Studies conducted on rats seem to suggest transfer factors can decrease the size of tumors and boost peripheral blood T-lymphocyte counts.

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